Character development is a critical component of the Excel Academy mission.  Guided by our IDEALS (Integrity, Discipline, Enjoyment, Achievement, Leadership, and Sisterhood), scholars develop a sense of community and shared purpose in their school-wide interactions and character lessons.  “My Sister, My Self,” is a weekly 30-45 minute character education block that integrates the meaning of each of the IDEALS.  This time is also used to build a school community with common culture and expectations.

Integrity:                  We are honest, we do what’s right, and we refuse to compromise our values.

Discipline:                We have self-control and we make good choices.

Enjoyment:              We bring joy to our learning, our school, and our community.

Achievement:          We set goals and work hard to exceed them.

Leadership:              We are influential and we show the way.

Sisterhood:              We are united.  We rise and fall together.