Special Education (SpED)

Excel Academy’s Special Education program is committed to meeting every child’s IEP goals and to be fully compliant with all state, local, and federal laws and regulations.  Going beyond just meeting legal obligations, Excel Academy is committed to helping both special education and regular education students make dramatic gains in their academic performance.

Excel Academy’s program services students in both inclusive and resource settings and provides targeted interventions to improve student performance in both math and reading.  We use data to drive instruction, and significantly increase the success of special education students in our program.  These services will be provided based on the individual needs of the student and in consultation with the team.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Natalie Edmonds, Special Education Coordinator at Natalie.Mclean@dc.gov


The following services will be provided according to a student’s IEP: speech therapy (through external providers), occupational and physical therapy services (through external providers), counseling (through Excel’s full-time school social worker), and small group instruction (through a certified special education teacher).

New Students with IEPs

Once a child enrolls at Excel Academy, the parent is required to provide a copy of the most recent IEP within a week of the start of school.  The special education team will meet with the parent within 30 days of receiving the IEP. During this meeting, the team will review the student’s goal and objectives to determine if they are appropriate and measurable.  The Special Education Coordinator will inform teachers of the students that have IEPs and what level of service their current IEP calls for.  Prior to the first day of school, all teachers will receive copies of their students IEPs, to be secured in the classroom.

When a student’s IEP requires speech, counseling, and OT/PT services, the Special Education Coordinator will coordinate these services and create a schedule for these services.  Speech therapy, occupational therapy will be provided by speech therapists contracted by Excel Academy.  Excel Academy’s school social workers will provide counseling services.

During the Year

During the year, Excel Academy is committed to meeting requirements of all students’ IEPs and helping all special education students make dramatic academic gains. The Special Education teacher will regularly collaborate with the classroom teachers.  During these meetings, the special education teacher will review the IEP status of all students, letting teachers clearly know the goals for all students and strategies suggested to meet them.  In addition, the Special Education teacher will get an update from the teachers on how the student is doing.

The Special Education team, including parent(s), will meet at least once a year to hold an annual IEP review meeting.  During this meeting, the team will review current goals and objectives and determine the need for revisions/updates.